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Petroleum & C-Store Guide

Fight back against tight margins and maximize your site's revenue potential by adding a quality exterior wash tunnel that customers will drive loyal return customers back to your gas station and convenience store.

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Auto Dealer Investor Guide

Learn how the nation's top auto dealers are boosting their service value and CSI while reducing their labor costs by replacing their roll-over automatic car wash with a conveyorized tunnel from SONNY'S.

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Self-Serve Operator Guide

Learn how self-serve operators profit in the "do it for me" economy by refitting their existing bays with a car wash tunnel capable of delivering consistent, high-quality car washes at volume.

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Conveyorized Operator Guide

Discover how existing conveyorized car wash owners / operators are increasing their profit margins by retrofitting their equipment and technology to create value-added services and a add recurring revenue stream.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Carwashing.

It can cost from $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 to build a commercial car wash, though capital and start-up costs will vary significantly by location, business model, and other factors. Most costs fit broadly into one of two categories: one-time costs or fees and recurring expenses. One-time costs are those expenses that are usually incurred in the early stages of your start-up, whereas recurring oprating costs (including variable costs such as the materials that you'll consume during the wash process, labor, and utilities) are ongoing.

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A well-planned and carefully-managed commercial car wash business can be a rewarding and profitable business opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to transition into a real estate-based business with a controlled labor expense, little inventory to manage, and the ability to create a regional enterprise.

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